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Check out my Star Wars new canon lists. Use the links to the left. The Star Wars Essential Media lists the motion pictures and novels in order. These items are for busy Star Wars fans that want a general resource for major media material for the world's greatest space saga.

The Full Star Wars Canon List is just that - a comprehensive list of every media available out there for the Star Wars fan that needs it all. Every movie, video game, television program, comic book and more. This is the list you need if you live and breathe Star Wars and don't have a single adult responsibility.

And please, check out my humble writing portfolio, which is also to the left. Click on my published works and let me know what you think. I currently write as a feature contributor for Utah Geek Magazine. So, check back often as more writing pieces are published. And, if you want me write a piece for you, contact me via email at don@donkbrown.com.

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